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Become a license partner


Who do we talk to?

Is in itself Diagnosis nothing fundamentally new! For teams in our form perhaps, however, it is not the primary motive for our performance. Even if we play outdoor image Classic, there more to it.

We want to reach our customers and serve arguments, through which the companies will feel a hand picked, and they also slightly “Create” get and contemporary offered.

But we are concerned with the attitude! That we agree with Otto Scharmer his “Theory U” with. That “How” is more important than “Was”! The attitude is more important than any tool or demanding development processes.

This is strongly influenced by a personal experience and dismay, as well as by the particular sprirituelle worldview. Mindfulness , Respect and appreciation for us not just buzzwords of intellectual Spiritual. We write Spirituality we are not on the flags or in our documents. Spirit or the spiritual part of life is immenter, what needs no emphasis.

Concern many of our Counselors with management background in the sense, that we have experienced first hand, what it means, to be confronted with the increasing pressure to perform. It is important to us, that it simply must be other solutions, to strengthen as this pressure continues.

We need more precise and deeper look at what is! This requires addition Intuition and Perception also Tools to objectify. This causes opening and that is the basis for a new and better cooperation.

For a new “connectedness” brings the company one “new growth“.

Today's business world needs in this “new time” rethinking. A new understanding of growth and collaboration are essential here. Modern forms like “Theory U“, “Holocracy” or “Comprehensive Mangement” by Ken Wilber, here are exciting approaches. In the heart and spirit we carry them with us, but try to use the language and models of our customers and to reduce it to the essential factors.

We choose the way of reduction to the essence, and these are precisely the subject of enterprise Task Processing and the Cooperation.

We are looking with our diagnostic potential and develop strategies for healthy performance.

We will find a solution “for the benefit of all”!

Success through exclusive partnership

Exclusive Partner of Teamrise the company LACKNER & Kabas and AUTONOM TALENT in the field of diagnosis.
Which Wiener Tamanalyse and the biometric methods of heart rate measurement (HRV) for teams are here in use.

Both companies have over a period of more than 20 Years this innovative diagnostic- spawned and consulting products, further developed and optimized in the application.

By Teamrise these products are individually or combined as diagnostic tools applied.

By Teamrise these products are exclusive as a basis for diagnosis- offered and team development measures and passed on to qualified licensing partners.

Offers for licensees

You can as an internal or external Consultant with our advanced instruments and products for Diagnosis and development processes Complete your power complementary.

You will see the deployment of the team analysis komlementären already in our services, which serve our partners. That Principle reads, “before any development process, it needs an objectified diagnosis.

We provide our know-how on to you, provide practical school enrollment, current Supervision, Development of products and offer the Participation in major projects with.

Business have the opportunity, both accompanied by our license partners, as well as corporate experts letting license.

The high degree of standardization of the procedure for bringing international companies the advantage, that same Teamrise advisory services of consultants will be carried out in different countries.

Overview Licensing

Condition: Competence in leading groups, Creation of advisory architectures and in group dynamics. It is carried out a personal admissions interview.

Benefits for Teamrise License Partner

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