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Teamrise development process


Tailored Teamrise development processes

We adjust our consultation to the results of the diagnosis and your goals. This ensures efficiency and effectiveness in the consultation.

Teamrise development processes rely on three levels

The flexibility of our development processes are very important to us. In order to achieve the goals and ensure sustainable team performance, we work on 3 levels.

Teamrise TRAINING© supports individual teams through team development and team coaching.

The focus of Teamrise CONSULTING© lies on organization- and corporate development. This often includes working with individual teams.

Teamrise COACHING© supports executives in an individual setting, to optimize the performance of their team. We also use our diagnostic tool for this. The insights give the management a foundation for self-reflection and specific action steps for the team.

Teamrise development processes are characterized by methodological diversity

The methods are selected with a systemic-constructivist and solution-oriented consulting background , that are geared towards the cooperate/team culture and that best support the issues at hand.

The development process can therefore be designed in a variety of ways: from creative, to, interactive and feedback oriented to experiential (joint activities, creative art-performance, outdoor team development, …).

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