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Process Practical-Workshops

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Process Practical-Workshops

The completion of the practical workshops enables the internal and external consultants to use, the team-analysis professionally in your own company or with their clients usw.

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We will take the following steps with you:

1) Module 1 Introduction to the Vienna teamanalysis: Reflection on the subject, the ratio and the arguments for customer acquisition. For the use in the company as an internal consultant.

2) Performing the team analysis in an organization: The analysis with the value of 950 EUR is included for the participants of the workshop.

3) Module 2 Development Project Design: Reflection of the analysis of the specific results from the team analysis & preparation for the feedback for the client. In addition, we will work on a specific design proposal for the possible project.

4) Implementation of the project or the specific steps of action, that become apparent through the team analysis.

5) Module 3 Marketing-day: At this point, the consultants already have an experience in the application of the team analysis. We will specifically work on refining the individual strategies, of the consultants in the application of the team analysis. This modul is on the one hand designed for external consultant, to refine their appearance on the market. And on the other hand for internal consultants, because they too have “clients” within the company.

6) Module 4 Reflection & Supervision: The project is reflected and supervised. In addition, the consultants get feedback from colleagues from the training group.

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