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Vienna Teamanalysis©

The Vienna team analysis© (WTA) makes the quality of cooperation in teams and visible. In high-performance teams, the team performance is more than the sum of individual performances. team, which are mainly engaged with itself and its internal conflicts, provide an output, which is less than the sum of the powers of all members.

In developing the WTA© was the target, more than 50 filter out those various factors, the high-performance team of low-performance teams are different or. Provide information on the improvement of cooperation. After several years of development work, the most important dimensions for the description of teamwork are found.

The WTA © was developed jointly with the University of Vienna, provides a scientifically sound, praxiserprobtes (Use since 2006) and user-friendly process constitutes.

What questions can be answered by the WTA:

How can we improve our performance?
How well the team works together?
What is the basis of our successes / failures?
How can we build on our strengths?
What still restricts us?
What should we change in team? What potential is still available?
How can I develop my skills as a team leader?

Typical flow with the Vienna team analysis©

Each team member worked in the online questionnaire (Duration ca. 20 minutes walk).
Online evaluation of Team profile with strengths and development areas & the written results report.
The presentation of the results is carried out to the decision-makers / team leader or. to the entire team.
The results are discussed under moderation team.
Finally, in common concrete measures and rules to be agreed.
After half a year, a follow-up takes place.


What the Viennese team analysis© characterizes


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